Sidecut Fish


My sidecut designs have been developed over the last 20 years and allow you to follow the natural arc of a turn with added bite and hold. This happens by having more rail in the water created by the sidecut engaging and biting through the turn. This is the same concept as a snowboard arc- simple yet very effective. Many shapers worldwide are now adopting the sidecut into many varied shapes and finding out the unique qualities of this concept.

I make two sidecut outlines-one is my sidecut fish design and the other is a round square or squashtail design. The fish design is available in either quad fin or twin keel setup with Futures or glass on Alkali keels. The sidecut round square or squashtail design is available as a quad fin or tri fin setup with Futures.

Try something different and feel the difference!

Clear from $1000 with set Alkali glass keels. Futures quads or keels also available.
Pigments/tints available upon request from $1200

We specialise in custom built fish.