Smooth Glide


My Smooth Glide designs encompass a few different styles of single fin shape ranging from full pintails to softer rounded pins to round squares or swallowtails.

They come in either a classic mid length outline or an original single fin outline.

All of these boards are fuller bodied boards designed to firstly paddle well then trim and glide. They feature panel vee bottoms put into the right places for ease of pivot and turn.

I use a 10 inch fin box in all of these for personal adjustment to suit your style. Rail shape can vary for your needs- thin rail for a more sensitive board and fuller rail for more of an all round feel.

I have been riding single fins on and off for forty years and still believe in their smooth glide capabilities in many different types of waves.

Smooth glides come in 7’0 to 10,0 length scale. Basic clear or pigment colours and tints are available. Custom stringer options include 1/8th cedar or ¼ cedar as a single centre stringer or a centre split double stringer.

These are classic shapes for uncluttered surfing.

Clear from $1000.
Pigments/tints available upon request from $1200